About Us

CEO and Founder David H. Small
During the past sixteen years, Dave has honed his investigation and interviewing skills working for the some of the most prominent investigation firms in the country, including MJM Investigations, as the lead Claims Investigator in Massachusetts for Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, as an Auto Accident Scene and Slip and Fall locus Investigation Specialist for both Central Bureau of Investigations and Integrity Claims Investigations. As of January 2012 to present, Dave has focused primarily on Criminal Investigations and proudly working for some of the most dedicated and successful criminal attorneys in the northeast area (References will be supplied upon request) Vendor Code: VC0000602356.

Dave has worked on literally thousands of Insurance liability, and Criminal Defense investigations, and taken many more case related statements while building a reputation with the major Insurance Company Litigation Departments and Criminal Defense Attorneys as the “Go To source” on complicated Large Exposure Auto Accident, Slip & Fall and Criminal Scene Locus Investigations, creating an elevated number of claim denials, reduced loss pay outs, subrogation liability scenarios and successful criminal defense investigations far above the norm. His skip tracing skills are unsurpassed. On aged claims, or when an insured/ defendant, claimant or witness will not respond, Dave can and will locate anyone anywhere, and will tactfully get them to cooperate in virtually every case. His statements are steel traps designed to fetter out the inconsequential information and capitalize on the discrepancies that prove or disprove the validity of the accounts provided by the defendant, complainant and witnesses. We obtain the documentation you need so you’re prepared to win because you will have more information than your opposition and we don’t quit until we do.

Dave's Experience
I take pride in having developed exceptional interviewing, neighborhood canvassing, and information gathering methods. As a result of my savvy, upbeat personality, salesmanship, assertiveness, and straightforward, persuasive but caring approach, I open doors, gather information, and obtain statements from subjects that others are unable to gain access to. I bring to the table the ability to get into any door and converse with all levels. Through my "won't quit attitude," tenacity, and creative ability, I make things happen when it appears that all is lost and there are no more leads. "I always figure out a creative way to get the information so the examiner and defense counsel can negotiate from a position of strength."

New England Association of Insurance Fraud Investigators (NEAIFI)
Massachusetts Association of Criminal Attorneys (MACDL)

Our Responsibility

Our job is to reduce our client’s liability, financial and legal exposure. We are determined to uncover all the case-pertinent information so that you understand every angle of your exposure and have the ability to negotiate with the opposing side from a position of strength and confidence. As experts in gathering information, our second job is to keep you informed on the progress of the investigation and recommend sensible avenues that will improve your bargaining position and be cost effective.

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