Database & Information Services

Real Time Skip Tracing
Our Real Time skip tracing services can assist you while you wait! Our databases are second to none. Finding people that are hiding and finding information about them is an art. The key is to have access to the right databases and the right contacts. We having access to and can obtain information that others aren’t able to. When they won’t respond to your calls or your letters, "We’ll locate them, and get their statement and the documentation you require." You will learn to find these services invaluable!

Asset Location
We conduct thorough asset researches, employing many of the same techniques used during our skip tracing investigations to locate an individual, his employer, real tangible property, and personal property owned or recently transferred to avoid detection.

By conducting in-depth database research we can locate Bank Records and Investment Accounts, in addition to checking the following local and state offices: Registry of Deeds for property records and deeds, County Court Records for bankruptcies, liens, judgments, and business licensing, auto and recreation vehicle information, the Secretary of State’s Office for corporation records, and UCC filings, the State Vital Statistics Office for marriage, death and genealogic data, and the Probate Courts for divorce proceedings.

Background Checks
Whether you’re renting real estate, selling your business, going into a business venture with an individual, or just starting a relationship, you’re making a commitment which could have long-range implications that will affect your future. Finding out the history of those individuals can be vital to the success of achieving your goals. We’ve all been duped at one time or another in our lives, and may even have even been referred to such people by a friend. Has the party been involved in previous litigation? How do they pay their bills? Do they have a criminal or violent history? Were they good tenants and neighbors? Some of this information is available in our investigative databases, but nothing really takes the place of a good investigation. This includes checking the various courts, state and government offices, and talking to individuals that have first-hand knowledge of their previous activities, business dealings, and relationships.

Database Searches
Our databases can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information available:

  • Asset Locates: Bank & Investment Account, & Hard Assets
  • Skip Tracing/People Locates
  • Employer Locates
  • Residence and Landlord History
  • Non-Published & Cellular Phones
  • Shut-off Information
  • Court Records
  • Occupancy Verifications

Our Responsibility

Our job is to reduce our client’s liability, financial and legal exposure. We are determined to uncover all the case-pertinent information so that you understand every angle of your exposure and have the ability to negotiate with the opposing side from a position of strength and confidence.  As experts in gathering information, our second job is to keep you informed on the progress of the investigation and recommend sensible avenues that will improve your bargaining position and be cost effective.

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