Recorded and Signed Statement Specialists
We have taken literally thousands of recorded and signed statements in the following areas: Criminal Investigations, Workers Compensation Claims, Commercial and Home Owner Liability Claims, Auto Garaging Issues, Unauthorized Auto Usage, Fraudulent Auto Accidents consisting of Staged Accidents and Jump-Ins, Exaggerated or Fraudulent Slip & Fall Claims, Auto Theft, Property Damage Claims, and Disability Claims.

Our detailed methods of interviewing allow us to consistently uncover the case-pertinent data in order to determine whether a claim is fraudulent or not. We are skilled at collating and cross-checking the essential information needed to determine the credibility of all the parties involved. Our success is based on our ability to continually gather information as we work and develop the file, along with new sources of information. Although we always strive to obtain a statement before an individual is represented by counsel, we have attained considerable success obtaining statements even after the attorney’s initial decline, because the information we uncovered during our investigation improved our client’s position of bargaining strength. Our detailed and clever interviewing techniques get results and are further proof that “Nothing takes the place of a thorough investigation.”

Expert Area Canvassing & Witness Location
We are skilled at canvassing for information and obtaining statements from subjects who would normally not come forward to cooperate. There is a fine line between being sensitive, proactive, and knowing when it is necessary to be more aggressive in the field to obtain an individual’s cooperation. Wherever possible we try to take a straightforward approach. However, whether we are canvassing a wealthy or an impoverished neighborhood, we treat everyone with respect, and in return “That respect is usually reciprocated, resulting in their cooperation.” Our creative canvassing and witness location techniques have proven invaluable during investigations such as slip and falls, auto accidents, permissive use, and garaging claims, where finding an individual with first-hand knowledge is essential to the investigation.

Our Specialty
We take great pride in our ability to debunk fraudulent slip & fall accidents, auto accidents, and uncover evidence to assist falsely charged defendants. During the past eleven years, we have also conducted hundreds of home owner, and business owner, slip and fall, auto accident, and numerous types of other liability investigations. After obtaining detailed statements from all individuals who have pertinent knowledge of the incident, we conduct in-depth on-site scene locus investigations, testing the feasibility of the accounts provided to determine their credibility. The validity of the evidence provided to us during our investigations is often proven or disproven by the facts we discover during our scene locus, which is actually the litmus test of the accounts provided to us. Do the physical characteristics of the scene allow the accident to have occurred as provided in the insured, witness, and claimant statements? We then explore every avenue to define or disprove your liability, and uncover all the mitigating variables which could involve possible subrogation liability scenarios. We partner with your examiners and defense counsel to focus on the essential issues that will be most productive and work tirelessly to reduce your exposure.

Let us show you how to reduce your surveillance investigation costs, obtain better video documentation, and improve your loss pay ratios "By working smart." We have the specialized surveillance equipment, experience, and the ability to develop the preliminary case-pertinent background information, so we can conduct our surveillance activity at the most opportune times. This ensures that we consistently obtain the video documentation you need to verify the claimant’s level of activity. We have no minimums and only charge you for the work we do. No surveillance should ever be conducted without knowing if the address provided in the file is accurate; if not, where they are currently living, who lives with the subject, what vehicles are registered to all parties at that location, a description of the subject in question, where they work, their occupation, and what their claimed injuries entail, "Because we do our homework, and we obtain the information and video documentation that others don’t. As such, our surveillance success rate is consistently in the high ninety percentile."

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Our Responsibility

Our job is to reduce our client’s liability, financial and legal exposure. We are determined to uncover all the case-pertinent information so that you understand every angle of your exposure and have the ability to negotiate with the opposing side from a position of strength and confidence.  As experts in gathering information, our second job is to keep you informed on the progress of the investigation and recommend sensible avenues that will improve your bargaining position and be cost effective.

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