Infidelity, Romantic Interest
& Child Custody Investigations

Having grown up with three sisters, and during an era when male chauvinism was accepted as the norm in many family structures, our founder has always been especially concerned with women’s and children’s rights and their safety. We also understand that it’s not always the male partner that “the cheater” and that either spouse could engage in unsafe activity which could place their children’s health and wellbeing at risk.  We all want our family members to be happy, safe, and to socialize with mentally healthy people “So they have the best chance at have a great life”.

Infidelity Investigations: We have conducted hundreds of Infidelity cases. Case after case has proven, “if you think someone’s cheating, 99% of the time you’re probably right”. The good news is that the cheater becomes so confident with their deception that they’re relatively easy to catch.  We have some amazing specialized covert equipment to uncover their deceit to include: phone and computer tapping devices, which gives us access to cell phone records / text messages and emails and GPS tracking systems that show us their every move. And our under cover camera equipment and disguised chase vehicles will provide you with the evidence you need to validate your suspicions and the edge you need to prepare for the future, so that you have the upper hand. Is your other half hiding assets as part of an exit plan? We can locate Bank and Investment Accounts, Safety Deposit Boxes and Real Property Nationwide.

Child Custody Investigations: Why does it seem the good spouse is always on the losing end in child custody cases? It’s a shame that children are forced to go through the battle between parents, but when you feel you have to protect your children, nothing is more important! “We take this issue personally and  will work tireless to insure your children’s safety”.  Nothing is more important! It’s amazing how often an out of control alcoholic or child pedophile (quite often a dictator personality who has the upper hand and often controls the family wealth) get custody of the children. It’s our job to unhorse them and provide you with the evidence you need to get back the custody of your children, so they’re living in a safe environment.

We have specialized telephone, texting and computer tapping  software and undercover camera equipment that allow us to provide your attorney with the evidence you need to gain control. We are committed to this effort and pledge to do our very best to make this happen!

Social Screening:
In order to ensure you don’t waste your time starting a relationship with the wrong one, it makes great sense to check out all your potential partners. It’s all too easy to get caught up in a romance finding out after investing a lot of time, that they aren’t who they say they are. And the risk of meeting someone who has abusive tendencies, a criminal history, drug or alcohol problems, or is involved in another relationship, happens all too often. Anytime you’re making a commitment with someone, you should know your partner.

First Meeting:
For the first meeting, we would recommend at a minimum conducting a preliminary background investigation to determine where they live, who they live with, and what they do for work. That way you know if they are who they say they are. If we find, for example, they are living with a female and they share the same last name, and are of a similar age. It’s possible the female is a sibling, but it’s also possible the individual is married. If there are much younger individuals living at the residence, there’s a good chance, it’s your potential partner’s children. However, we are also able to determine who has lived in your potential partner’s residence over a period of time and if they moved, where they moved to, where they lived prior to that and with whom. From that we should be able to get a good idea of the individual’s family structure, marital status, and if they have a live-in girlfriend.

For your personal safety we can also conduct a criminal background check, to determine if he or she has a risky history, restraining orders, records of assault, alcohol or drug abuse, etc. You may choose to conduct the criminal background check after your first meeting if you decide you want to go further with the relationship.

Knowing Your Potential Partner’s Correct Identity Gives You Power:
A female client of ours recently went out on a date. After getting to know him as well as one can on the phone, they met at a bar for a few drinks. She decided soon afterwards that she had no intention of meeting with him again. After escorting her to her car, he tried to force her to kiss him. She immediately pushed him away and said, “That will be enough, Mr. Smith.” He asked her, “How did you know my last name?” She responded, “I’ve already had you checked out by a private investigator.” She left safely and that was the end of that!

For Safety concerns:

  • Our GPS Tracking Service: We can track your whereabouts throughout your entire date.
  • Our Emergency Pick-Up Service: If you’re at all concerned about getting home safely after your date, our security transport service will pick you up and get you to where you want to go safely.

Our Responsibility

Our job is to reduce our client’s liability, financial and legal exposure. We are determined to uncover all the case-pertinent information so that you understand every angle of your exposure and have the ability to negotiate with the opposing side from a position of strength and confidence.  As experts in gathering information, our second job is to keep you informed on the progress of the investigation and recommend sensible avenues that will improve your bargaining position and be cost effective.

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